Puppy Rehoming Info

Our 20 acre property is located in Central Virginia about 30 minutes west of Short Pump Richmond and 30 minutes East of Pantops Charlottesville. 

Puppy fee is based on litter sex/color size. Puppies are around $1,250-1,500 based on what is available. When there is more of a color/sex the cost can go down based on pick selection order. When there is less of a color/sex the price can go up based on pick selection.  The highest demand is for a Golden color male so they are always the highest to hopefully decrease the waiting list for them. 

We do not deliver, fly out, ship or mail our puppies. To avoid us driving with cash, if you pre-paid in full and you are driving from out of state we may be able to meet in a public location 1-2 hours away (based on our availability) to help reduce your driving distance at no additional charge. You won’t be able to meet the parents this way but we can send videos of them to you as desired.

Quality home bred Golden Shepherds are great for families. We specialize in breeding mentally healthy trusting dogs.  This is the best of both breeds with a fun Golden Retriever personality and the smarts of a German Shepherd. They are playful and very loving with the ability to learn tricks.  They are raised with both AKC pure bred parents (with no health issues of any kind) freely playing with them 24/7 to ensure quality mental health growth. The parents are our own pets (since puppies) that live with us inside of our home.

New parents should have their puppy’s name picked out before 4 weeks so that we can start calling them by their name regularly to know the syllables/sound by pickup. Two syllable words are recommended. 


OWNER SELECTION PROCESS:  We notify the applicants at or after delivery that filled out the (time/date stamped) inquiry form within a year at the home page to notify them. Those that respond still interested will be sent a online questionnaire application to be considered. The questionnaire will be reviewed for approval of the possibility of providing a forever home.  Non-approved applications of a potential of a forever home will be discarded. The approved selections will be placed into one of four stacks based on their first choice of color/sex and then reorganized in order based on the time stamp on their first initial inquiry form with the furthest inquiry placed on top. Applicants are contacted in order with the next in line offered if the applicant changes their mind, does not make their deposit in time or do not make their payment in full in time. 

DEPOSIT: After the selected owner has responded with an agreement to take the puppy into their home, a $250 deposit can be made online with any card having a visa, mc, amex or discover logo.

BALANCE PAYMENT: Owners can pay the balance online ONLY within 30 days of delivery.  After 30 days from their born date, payment is only accepted as cash at pick up. Checks can also be mailed for the balance postmarked within 10 days of delivery.  Cash is also accepted at a visit appointment during week 4-7 (during covid restrictions this is not available).  Refunds on deposit is allowed up to 5 weeks from the born date to ensure time to relearn a renaming and time to find a new owner.

CONTACT BEFORE PICKUP: Pictures and videos are posted weekly online and pictures are texted weekly to owners. Weekly visits are permitted by appointment starting in week 4-5 when they start to have personality (not during covid restrictions). A licensed vet visit is done at 6 weeks. Pick up is not allowed before 7 weeks based on Virginia regulations.  Boarding is permitted after 8 weeks old for $5 a day plus a $100 second vet  visit fee is required if we keep them past 9 weeks. We don’t keep them after 11 weeks to avoid bonding with us.

A small collar, medium wrap mesh harness (for comfort), cheap 4′ leash, adaptil calming collar and their papers from their vet examination with the parents AKC numbers. Mixed breeds are not AKC registered. They will have their first shots, deworming, flea/tick prevention (for about 2-3 more weeks) and an implanted microchip to register upon pickup. You should have a name tag in case they run away from you during the ride home. The chip is inside their back but it is not registered yet. It is not a GPS it only tells a vet/animal control who it is registered to for contact. The chip registration papers are given to you at pickup or mailed if you paid in full.  Cost to register is $20 with optional perks that can be cancelled for future years. You may want to bring an old towel and/or puppy pads in case they get car sick.

Be cautious of taking your puppy to potty in places where unvaccinated dogs may have used the bathroom (when driving home) to avoid your puppy getting deadly diseases like Parvo. They are safe to be around unvaccinated dogs/areas after they go to their 3rd vet visit around 12 weeks old. Talk to your vet about this. 

Vet visits can cost around $50-100 or more per visit.  Learn more here at this AKC website. 


AKC REGISTRATION: These pups are not pure breed AKC recognized dogs. There is a mix breed registry for AKC mix breeds. Visit https://www.akc.org/register/information/canine-partners/ for more information about registering mix breed pups born from pure breed parents. 


RETURNS: Hopefully you can offer your pup a forever home for the next 10+ years but if you don’t want your pup or have a situation that does not allow you to keep them later then we know many good long-term loving financially secure forever homes willing to invest into free dogs for re-homing. We also have connections to foster homes that can re-train dogs with any issues to find new adopted parents. We also have the ability to let them live with their parents on our farm.  (there is no refund or money offered but we will meet you somewhere if it is a reasonable distance away).

Their is a big difference with our puppies and most adoptable dogs in shelters or puppy mill dogs! 
Many low quality breeders do not want to deal with puppies after 3 weeks old because the care at that time gets progressively exhausting each week.  We get frustrated with owners walking around with puppies less than 7 weeks old (which is not allowed in Virginia). We see so many important milestones during 4-7 weeks. Our puppies are usually all reserved before they are 1 week old. We try to control the breeding to have smaller litters (around 4-8) so that we can give each of our babies quality attention and care by the mom. Large litters will result in a longer break between litters. 
They leave here completely trusting their human owner to love them with no mental fear/issues. 

Our puppies can come out more like a shorter hair herding protective alpha-family-member loving German Shepherd or a long hair goofy anyone-with-a-hand loving Golden Retriever. Over the many years of breeding this breed we have never had ears that stay up or multi colors.

People ask what is the difference between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever. There are two dogs in this video (one is similar to a German Shepherd and the other is just like our golden retriever) see who crosses the finish line the fastest to understand the two breeds. Our pups are the best mix of both! Video Link: https://youtu.be/_o0YOgtCn9A
AKC Mixed breeding results in different procedures than with full bred dogs. We never know what we get when born but by week 4 their personality starts to develop and our pups are taken by week 1.  Some are 50/50, 70/30, 60/40 or even 90/10. People getting our pups should love both personalities to love whatever they end up with. When we compare the two for “our” breeds:

Our German Shepherd traits 
  • more protective especially if not regularly introduced to strangers in first year
  • clings more to alpha in the family or the one that takes care of her the most
  • heavy shedding of shorter hair especially with weather changes needing brushing
  • intelligence to learn complex tricks and understand what you are saying after 1
  • shorter coarse hair
  • will most likely love it’s crate space and may be an escape artist
  • may be very needy for busy challenges as a puppy 
  • will thrive better in an organized schedule/pattern
  • may like catching ball or playing frisbee
  • very high energy and enjoy challenges or exercise into adulthood
Our Golden Retriever traits 
  • goofy and silly personality
  • bigger and bolder facial structure
  • longer hair (very long=more Golden personality)
  • heavy shedding of long hairs and needing regular grooming
  • lighter coloring in the golden colors
  • will LOVE everyone if introduced to them often in the first year
  • can learn simple commands with repetition 
  • may not like being in a crate and would enjoy a thin floor bed (no heat)
  • may be very needy for love and attention as a puppy
  • will love chasing a laser pen light
  • will get hot quickly to enjoy cooler sleeping areas and shorter snuggles
  • progressive laziness through the years (after the crazy puppy year is over)

RIDE HOME: We will give you  a collapsible plastic water bowl for the ride home. Bring a water bottle, 2-3 old towels, gentle baby clean up face wipes for possible vomit. Something for them to play with like empty plastic water bottles with no labels. Plan toy/hand teasing play for 20+ min (with a passenger helping at their floor board.  Put a puppy pad or garbage bag then 2-3 old towels on top). After playing  they sleep for about an hour, then pee as soon as waking up, make a stop (away from other dog’s poop) within a few minutes of waking up with a possible potty #2, repeat. Boys will lower their back a bit when peeing and girls will squat their butt down when peeing. Praise them well for potty! Longer play=longer sleep.
If they get adgitated it means they are hot (put on the cool floor air), need to go potty or they just want to play. Vomiting signs start with constant swallowing and foaming at the mouth. You can hold off on food for a while but keep them hydrated for the ride home. Put your finger in the water and touch their nose to let them know it’s there. Avoid any people food or cheap treats to prevent diarrhea. Bully sticks, Bil Jac treats are not so bad for diarrhea and the bully sticks will keep them busy for a while. Collect a few empty plastic water bottles with removed labels and tight caps, they love poking them with their teeth. They love crinkle noise toys. They are very scared the first few days so be patient with them because everything is new to them and scary. Put the adaptil collar on if you are  having difficulty with stress and anxiety.