Dec 19, 2020 Litter

Next week continues potty training in a bigger space with bells at the door. We will work on going outside more in the next 2 weeks. They have a regular day schedule EST (using a lamp/air filter white noise with timed settings), more name recognition with holdings saying name over and over plus building crate comfort/trust. Keep in mind we do not leash train so you must leave a leash on them 24/7 watched to get used to the pulling during the first few days. The mesh harness we give you will be best for the first few days of going outside on a leash. Since this is a large litter they will whine the first few nights from being lonely. If you are using a crate or bed put lots of big fluffy stuffed animals there to feel like having siblings around them.
This is the point that most puppy mills want the puppies gone but there are important mile stones achieved during this time and on to avoid severe anxiety.
They understand the pee pad. Feel free to get one with the grass top. We usually take away the grass by now but they seem to really like it better. The grass is at the pet store and can be washed (we had to cut off almost an inch to make it fit). It also keeps the poo out of being squished into the mesh top with this large litter size. We put pine pellets in it from Tractor Supply and it should be changed every 2-4 days depending on how much you take them out. Stores sell the tray with the grass top but we like the pine pellets because it absorbs the liquid very well and keeps the pee odor down.

Keep in mind they are NOT 100% potty trained until their little brains grow more. They are correct 50% of the time, then next month they are correct 55-60% of the time, then each month add 5-10% based on how much you took them out regularly. By one years old they should rarely make mistakes unless they have diarrhea. The key to potty training is LOTS of praise when they do it correctly, patience to let them grow up and to spray neutralize areas they made mistakes to avoid the odor.
Day 2 of potty training. We made the space smaller to promote peeing on the pee tray full of pine pellets. We removed washed towels that may make them pee on clothes/fabric later. They don’t really want to pee where they sleep. We keep the floor clean with water and wipe with spray neutralizer so that the pee smell is only on the mesh tray (24/7 exhaustive cleaning with rebellious whining) They should know where to pee within 24-48 hours so that we can expand the space. Don’t worry about them being cramped, we take them out 3-4 times a day to exercise. They will recognize the pine scent as the area to pee and not linen or laundry smells (not 100% fool proof) but it will make a difference. We will give you pine pellets in a small bag to put where you want them to pee outside and/or you can invest into a mesh pee pad tray with pine pellets from tractor supply. It’s about the scent to correct potty mistakes at this age.
They are venturing out of their safety pen now to get regular exercise. We start holding them daily with constant name calling this week to prepare for syllable recognition before they start going outside free to run.
They are eating solid food this week with 24/7💩 cleaning 😬🤢
This is the absolute cutest stage right now 💕!!
We start holding them regularly to get use to faces going towards their face.
Their eyes and ears are open now so they can see and hear things!

They have transitioned to new small collars. They will wear them until you pick them up. Medium will be needed in 1-2 months after pickup. We will give you a harness at pick up since they will no be leash trained.

  • Sadie to DiSalle Family in WA😊 Red
    Golden Female Bailey Big dark golden
  • *Chanelle to Sakles Family in MD😊Purple
    Golden Female Chanelle Biggest light
  • Charlie to Moroney Family in PA😉 Blue
    Black Male Cosmo with two white spots on chest and toe 
  • *Izzy (charlie#2 tentative) to Krone in NC 😉
    Golden Female Izzy golden marked w/dot 
  • Mac to Gaita Family in NY🥰
    Golden Male Biscuit 
  • Brooklyn goes to Schernekau Family in NJ🥰 Purple
    Black Female Gia with tiny spot on chest and toe was in green/teal collar
  • Loki to Gillanders Family in VA🥰 Teal
    Black Male Lelo with one white spot on chest 
  • Arya to Karnik Family in NH🥰 Pink
    Golden Female Ella lighter marked w/dot 
  • Bobbie to Bousa Family in NH🥰  Pink
    Black Female Cleo all black was in small peach collar
  • Teddy to Vacha Family in FL🥰 Red
    Black Male Angus solid black