We have four dogs that live with us inside our home and one cat. Outside we have a few free roaming chickens and ducks.

AKC German Shepherd Mom Osky: RETIRED 2020
Staying with us as a grandma to help take care of her family & puppies
Dream Day=playing ball all day or going hiking
Favorite Person=the alpha family member
Goals=protecting her family
Known for=herding her humans
Favorite Toy=water hose and a tennis/lacrosse ball

AKC German Shepherd Mom Lulu
New mom to 2021 and will breed again in 2022-23 when cleared by vet
Dream Day=going hiking or playing chase
Favorite Person=male alpha in the family
Goals=protecting her family
Known for=cuddles and hiding bones everywhere
Favorite Toy=fluffy stuffed toys to shred and chasing a laser light

AKC Golden Retriever Dad Toby: RETIRED 2021
Moving to Colorado Springs, CO in February with our oldest son
Dream Day=spending the day on a college campus
Favorite Person=anyone with hands
Goals=sleep all day and force everyone to pet him
Known for=making soft golden hair blankets for the couch & beds
Favorite Toy=tree branches that are bigger than him

AKC Golden Retriever Dad (Beau-B): Breeding 2022
He will be two in 2022 and is just like his big brother Toby but lighter