Golden Shepherd Puppies from a AKC German Shepherd mom and an AKC Golden Retriever dad.

We are located in Central Virginia.

No litters available

Next delivery is around late Oct 2020
Pickup is around Xmas 2020

We will be contacting people after delivery in late Oct to fill out a application form for selection. Puppies will be all taken by the first week of Nov. 

We have several requests every week. 

Puppy includes: paperwork for a licensed Vet visit/exam with first shots given, de-worming, small collar or harness, leash, 1-2 weeks of dog food,  microchipped and first dose of nexgard (flea/tick) lasting for 2-3 weeks after pickup.

These dogs are mixed and not recognized by AKC but both parents have AKC registrations with absolutely no health issues of any kind. 

The Golden Shepherd puppy re-homing fee reflects the time given for quality care. They are openly fed quality large breed dog food for good development. Puppies double in size each week and need nutrients to grow health bones! Both parents interact with them daily to promote healthy loving personalities.
These puppies are attentively raised with constant love inside our home to build trust with their owner. They are prepared to live with the sounds of a forever loving home. These puppies are for those that are looking for a loving pet without fear and mental issues. They are good family dogs for those with young children. The will shed but regular grooming can reduce shedding.

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German Shepherd Mom:
Dream Day=playing ball all day or going hiking
Favorite Person=the alpha family member
Goals=protecting her family
Known for=herding her humans
Favorite Toy=a tennis or lacrosse ball
We have an almost 2 year old GS mom breeding soon that may make some two tone color puppies. Long hair is rare in our pups and we can not tell until 5 weeks old. Our pups are usually all taken in week 1.

Golden Retriever Dad:
Dream Day=spending the day on a college campus
Favorite Person=anyone with hands
Goals=sleep all day and force everyone to pet him
Known for=making soft golden hair blankets for the couch & beds
Favorite Toy=finding chewy tree branches that are bigger than him