Golden Shepherd Puppies =
(AKC German Shepherd + AKC Golden Retriever )
By in-home living parents. We are located in Central Virginia

There are no puppies until maybe late 2022 or early 2023!


Remove your items that you don’t want chewed! These pups have never been hit so don’t let them know about aggression and fear to prevent anxiety issue later in life. Don’t give up on them, their gums hurt REALLY bad and they hate being alone/bored so they chew things. They will start chew a lot less around late fall and should stop around Oct-Dec unless they have anxiety from abuse and/or too much alone time.

Give lots of good chews like better belly, CET or bully sticks to help decrease  chewing of your things. Yes they are pricey to last longer but they like them, especially when alone. They also like empty water bottles with a cap on for a few hours until flat. Remove Electric cords, chargers, controllers, remotes and laptop cords. Protect your molding, stair, furniture corners; Paper and Shoes are a favorite; Plastic toys, corners of rugs and legs of chairs; just walk around and look for things they may chew and remove/block it off.

Regardless, they will chew something valuable so expect it unless you are watching them 24/7. Here are examples of this litter’s damage in our home that does not include a photo of the xbox controller, laptop charger cord, phone charger and a few pairs of shoes…watch your pup and be patient.

Put your things away and expect things to get damaged this year!

Potty mistakes get better in a few months when their brain gets older to understand things better. Take them out regularly! By 1 year old they should rarely make mistakes unless they have diarrhea or anxiety from abuse. Hang in there, be consistent, dramatic praise when they do it right and avoid putting their face in it because it smells very good to them. Eye contact with dramatic shame words is the best punishment for mistakes. But if it was because you left them alone for too many hours then it’s your fault! They will live their whole life trying to make you happy so disappointment words hurts them the most. No people food for now to avoid diarrhea for easy pickup. Use bells at the door for when they’re older!


  • Brooklyn is with the Schernekau Family in NJ Purple
    Black Female Gia with tiny spot on chest and toe

  • Bobbie is with the Bousa Family in NH Pink
    Black Female Cleo all black was in peach collar 

  • Loki is with the Gillanders Family in VA Teal
    Black Male Lelo with one white spot on chest

  • Olive is with the Sakles Family in MD Purple
    Golden Female Chanelle Big light
  • Charlie is with the Moroney Family in PA Blue
    Black Male Cosmo with two white spots on chest and toe

  • Nala is with the Krone Family in NC Blue
    Golden Female Izzy golden marked w/dot 
    Waiting on Pic!

  • Teddy is with the Vacha Family in WARM FL Red 
    Black Long Hair Male Angus solid black

  • Mac is with the Gaita Family in NY
    Golden Male Biscuit
    Waiting on Pic!

  • Arya is with the Karnik Family in NH Pink
    Golden Female Ella lighter marked w/dot 

2/27 CHARLOTTESVILLE at 7pm with 2nd vet visit and boarding 

  • Sadie to DiSalle Family in WA Red
    Golden Female Bailey Big dark golden 


After pickup: DO NOT visit dog parks until they have had their 3rd vet visit by Mar 15!!! To avoid a deadly disease like Parvo that they can get from the potty areas of unvaccinated dogs. Also they can get parasites from other dog’s poop and exposure to fleas. Use schools, community college or far off shopping area grass parking lots to be bit safer. We recommend Heartgard monthly for heartworm and parasite prevention!!

Collect a few empty plastic water bottles with removed labels and tight caps, they love poking them with their teeth. They love crinkle noise toys. They are very scared the first few days so be patient with them because everything is new to them and scary. Put the adaptil collar we gave you to help with first few weeks of stress and anxiety. 


NEW PUPPY BUDGET: Vet, food etc will be about $500 in the first 60 days after pickup. Expect  sleepless nights for the first week from whining but the Adaptil collar given in pink bag at pickup can help leave it on for 2-3 weeks. Patience from chewing things to relieve painful gums until Fall 2021. Routine potty time every 2-3 hours in the first 30 days to continue potty training. They leave here with 50% potty trained then each month add 5-10% based on how consistent you are. Their brains are growing to understand how it works. PLEASE stay away from letting them be other dog’s poop during potty trips to avoid Parvo or Parasites!

Book your 9 week old 2nd vet visit for Feb 22, 2021 now.  

Flea/tick care should be in the pill form for families with young children that will have faces in their fur, not a drop liquid that could get on their little faces and absorbed into their delicate bodies. BudgetPetCare.com is affordable for nexgard or nexgard spectra just make sure it’s the for the right weight (they don’t require prescriptions and items usually arrive in about 10 days to VA). Spectra offers added internal parasite infection from public potty areas or from sniffing other dogs behinds/exposure to fleas. Nexgard or Nexgard spectra is a monthly pill we use on parents. We do not use Nexgards in the winter months here in VA from about Nov-Feb to give their system a break. These pills are much more effective than the drops.  We also recommend and use HeartGard EVERY month for continued parasites prevention, unless you plan to raise them in a bubble.

Puppy fee includes:

  • first shots, de-worming and physical exam from a licensed Vet at 6 weeks old
  • Temporary ID tag for travel home with simple 4′ leash
  • medium mesh harness for travel to destination (provides comfort & lead control)
  • about 2 weeks of dog food for weaning (don’t buy food until Feb 2 in case the vet recommends changes to diet)
  • 134kHz microchipping implanted with tempscan (newest version)
  • first dose of nexgard (flea/tick) lasting for 2-3 weeks after pickup
  • pop up travel water bowl and mini (leash attachable) waste bag holder with refills
  • 1-2 individual C.E.T. Enzymatic Large chew pieces
  • opened on pick up day: Adaptil puppy calming collar to leave on for the first 3 weeks  
  • clean in-home 24/7 care with daily holding and attention by humans/parents

    A vet appointment should be booked for Feb 22, 2021 for your pup’s  next shots! Then again March 15 and around April 5 with yearly exams to follow. We do not ship or fly out your pup. Microchips do not GPS track your puppy, it only gives a person with a microchip wand (vet/animal control) the information of who the owner is when found if you have entered that data into the microchip company’s files (online or by mail). See flight details at the bottom of this page if you are flying.

These dogs are mixed and not recognized by AKC but both parents have AKC registrations with absolutely no health issues of any kind. The Golden dad has a Canadian champion bloodline. We do not get mixed colored pups. We only get black in short (or a rare long hair), cream long hair or light golden short hair. Long haired pups won’t like heat or heat from holding too long. They will like cold floors. 

The Golden Shepherd puppy re-homing fee reflects the time given for quality care as described in the following paragraphs. Rehoming fees are $1,200-1,500 based on litter sex/color size. We are not a puppy mill and parents all over the United States search for a breeder like us not just for the rare mixed breed ( especially when torn between selecting one of the two) but to invest into a healthy puppy for the long term. We take the time off work to raise these puppies attentively with constant love inside our home to trust their owner(s). They are great family dogs for those with young children or adults.

The first year of puppy raising is high energy but they calm down with the chewing and potty issues after they are a year old. If you don’t have the patience to deal with the complicated first year with puppies needing lots of patience with a regular schedule then please look into older dogs looking for homes in shelters. These dogs will shed regularly but grooming 2-3 times a month can reduce shedding.

Puppy mills can have issue with exposure to parvo, fleas, poor mother care and unsupervised nursing during the first few weeks. We leave food out 24/7 to avoid issues with food hoarding later from not enough food. Virginia’s minimum age is 7 weeks to leave a litter. Leaving too early before 7 weeks can cause issues later in life. Puppy mill puppies can also get anxiety from neglect, long term potty issues from unclean living conditions, aggression from abuse and health issues from poor diet during growth.  Most dogs in the pound are from puppy mills and some people don’t have the patience to deal with the anxiety issues. We offer an alternative to those that we believe will give our pups a forever home. We expect owners to contact us to take their pup back to live with their parents if they can not provide a forever home for their pups. These are mixed breed dogs and their pups will be mixed mixed dogs which there are many of in shelters so please spay or neuter your pup at around 1 year old. Early spay/neuter can cause potty and health issues later in life. 


The organized order is: time/date of initial inquiry form filled before Nov 2020 and then ordered again based on first selection of sex/color then ordered again based on a comparison of question responses on the interest application filled between Dec 19-22. After that first selection is decided we start the same organization process over again to move on the the second round choice of sex/color.  First choice is very important and those selecting a golden male as their first choice are in a line almost 100 long unless they had a second choice. Same for Golden Females. When the email is sent if no response is made by email to confirm the selection within 24 hours (not counting 24th & 25th) then the puppy will no longer be available to be offered to the next in line

Notification selection will be emailed between Dec 23-29 based on how quickly contacted parents respond. We are not expecting emails on 24 or 25. Parents taking more than 24 hours to decide will lose their space in line. These puppies will all be permanently assigned to their parents by Jan 2. Because of COVID-19 we are not having visits until an outside pickup.