Golden Shepherd Pup

Thank you for your interest but we are not breeding in 2021 or in 2022. You can check back here in 2023 to see if we are breeding that year.

Consider shelters with dogs that come in from owners that have to go back to work when things start to open up more. 

Check your shelters! There are many “teen” puppies in shelters that owners gave up on in the first 12-15 months from constant chewing from growing teeth pain, potty mistakes while learning, unplanned vet expenses and young age high energy. 

Our puppies are $1,250-1,500 based on sex/color availability. Golden color males are the highest. 

  • in home care without outside play
  • vet visit with first shots/deworming 
  • microchipped
  • early initial bell/potty training
  • name recognition exposure
  • 2-3 week nexgard flea/tick protection
  • AKC pure bred champion line parents